A Brief Overview Of Parker Filters

Parker filters are a line of filter products and filter solutions which are made by the Parker Hannifin Corporation that was founded nearly a century ago by Arthur L. Parker. With the sales that exceeded the record $12 billion in 2011, Parker Hannifin filters and filter solutions are the world’s leader in production of motion and control technology. Their filters are the number one choice of a wide range of industries and commercial establishments that produce or work with anything that has to do with movement or requires control.

Scope of Expertise

  • all types of transportation and mobile equipment including aerospace
  • raw material production and processing
  • infrastructure development
  • power generation
  • food and beverage industry
  • life sciences

Parker filters and filter solutions are available in all continents all over the world. They come in many different types and configurations in order to meet specific requirements of a particular industry. In order to ensure complete satisfaction, all Parker filters and filter solutions are designed in a close collaboration with the customers from the earliest stages of development to the installation.

Parker Filters And Filter Solutions Coverage

  • Parker Hydraulic Filters

Available are low, medium and high-pressure and lube filters as well as off-line and portable filter systems, fluid condition and monitoring products, aerospace filtration and much, much more. Parker hydraulic filters and filter solutions are specially designed to prevent contamination which is the leading cause of malfunction and failure of the hydraulic systems.

  • Parker Air Filters

They come in a wide range of so-called Air Preparation solutions which are intended for products that use compressed air for filtration, pressure control, drying, etc. Besides Parker filters, Air Preparation products also include regulators and high precision regulators.

  • Finite Compressed Air And Gas Filtration Products

They are intended for products that use compressed air or gas. Examples include Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filters, Steam Filters, Air Dryer, International H Series Compressed Air/Gas Filters and Air Preparation Units, to mention only a few.

  • Balston Filters

This type of Parker filters is designed for industrial applications. Examples include Compressed Air Filters and Sample Filters. Also included are filters intended for Hospital Applications, Steam and Sterile Air Filters for use by the Food Industry, and several others.

  • Racor Filters

These filters are designed by Parker’s Racor Division and are the number one choice for oil filter, fuel filter, air and coolant filtration involving the use of engines with internal combustion and engine powered equipment.

  • Zander Microfilters

They are a line of products for purification of compressed air, gas and vacuum flows. But in contrary to other microfilters on the market which effectively trap dirt, dust and other impurities, Parker’s Zander Microfilters are also designed with energy efficiency in mind. As a result, they help reduce energy consumption which is of vital importance to all industries considering the ever rising energy costs.

All Parker filters come with the whole package that also includes Parker filter services which in turn offer technical support and training, custom designs and installation recommendations. All Parker filters have the ISO-9001: 2000 certificate, while many have also the ISO 14000 certification.